Naruto Shippuden Episode 497 Subbed

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 497 : “Title”


  • red


    • Kevlar

      Damn, Gaara is so bae nowadays.

      • DonGo Sunnday

        what’s bae mean?

  • ron

    Tenten’s cuter with that voice

  • Anish Khatri

    AFTER WAITING ALL THE WEEK.. A SINGLE EPOSIDE OF NARUTO … MAKES ME HAPPY than any other thing … another awesome eposide …. 😀

  • Javier Arvizu

    i feel like shikamaru and temari smashed lol

    • lol

      no shit, shikamaru hit that ass hard, they had a kid together lol

    • Daniel Speiss

      they met up at an Inn dude, they smashed and now they are LDR haha

  • Mr.Maponda

    So basically there gonna be 16 more episodes left and the last episode is going to be there wedding

    • Julian

      Exactly what I was thinking

    • cristian simionica

      no, at 796 end says 22 days left. now are actually 16 more days,so 2 more. on 16.03 will be the last ep

      • Ed Wilson

        Last Ep was naruto and sauskes fight. this is all filler for $$$

        • Bobo257 (Bobo257)

          This is not Filler, its the Light Novels that are now animated

        • Maduka Anthony

          even if its for cash, watching another episode of naruto is worth it.

      • Nickname

        Cmon guys..It`s just the sweet transition from Naruto to Boruto..to see the whole story and beaty of it

  • Noutchi

    So Kiba’s Wife will be tamaki.

  • z

    tenten and gaara

  • UchihaTaka

    why is orochimaru everywhere in konoha?

    • Ed Wilson

      he is now a Servant of the Leaf

  • Donista

    orochimaru is gonna have a part in the wedding i bet!….but like waiting is so booooooooring..

    • Sanroy Das Neves

      Kinda wierd right

  • NHSS17

    Why they use Sakura’s theme at 20:11 ?

  • Harshit Kumawat

    I’m waiting for Naruto to show up …..

  • Sorr0 *


  • jokeslayer94

    16 days until the wedding…. I hope that doesnt mean 16 more filler episodes about gift shopping

  • Seol Apple

    16 days same goes to 1month tho

  • Sanroy Das Neves

    Can you guys believe their gonna kill Naruto in the Boruto anime