Naruto Shippuden Episode 472 Subbed

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 472 : “You Better…”


  • https://kissanime.to/ ero-sennin

    don’t watch next week’s recap if you didn’t read the manga!!!!

    • Dave Sam

      but but but…i plan to watch it with your mother 🙁

      • Curt

        me either your mother promised me 🙁 !

        • Dave Sam

          tell your mom to pay up.. next friday

    • moha98

      It made me feel EXCITED

  • Oussama Belkhiri

    fuck it naruto became worse then one piece with all these shitty memories im dissapointed on these 2 anime !!

    • moha98

      don’t watch lol.

      Read the manga instead

      • Oussama Belkhiri

        ehh i wish i can start reading the mange i m anime fan :/

  • praveen

    what a fucked up episode nobody no progress in story WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • moha98

      Indeed there is progress
      Once more we are shown Sasuke’s speed
      We are shown Naruto’s speed too
      Obito Acknowledges Naruto, his Nindo and his dream and meets Rin at the end to achieve one of his dreams that he really wanted to achieve!!!

  • Patrik Podjukl

    would you please leave the original japanese form of the names?
    like put Hokage-sama in subs instead of Lord Hokage
    I think everyone would appreciate that 😀 thank you if you do that

  • Nekaa George


    • Tomáš Balcír

      kakashi get obitos eyes next part

      • Jaff Mbayo

        How do you know that?

        • Raul

          On the episode, skip over to 22:46 & that’s the preview for the next episode

        • Tomáš Balcír

          at the end you can see what happens in next part

    • Ignorance_2.0

      Watch next episode preview

      • Jaff Mbayo


        • asdef

          the end of this damn episode

          • Kingsley Kayy

            That nigga dumb

    • guest

      i don’t think he gets the eye, in the movie he has his normal eyes.

      • pii

        yeah he gets the eye i know read the manga

  • Salvador

    Damn I can’t wait for the episode 473 but when it’s every Thursday

  • ganggang

    literally all i thought about all episode was kakashi get the fucking eyes.

    • Kingsley Kayy

      Lmao deadass me too Im like wtf is with all the memories give him the goddamn eyes

  • http://zpawesomethemes.com Naruto


  • Indra

    Why not the eyes?

  • Indra

    I hate it

  • Indra

    All there was www FUCKING MEMORIES!

  • ObitPresident

    there is a good chance that director might spare obitos life for better drama ahead in the story

  • Ruii

    so sasuke with blink cant even scratch kaguya.. but naruto with air jump can mutilate kaguya lol

    • noenglishples

      Huge gravity my man, Sasuke was slower in that dimesion.

    • Michael Nazario


  • Shravan Kumar

    What the hell you fucking idiots!!! Whats with the damn fillers in each episode!!!! Can’t we watch a decent fight without all the rambling and flashbacks and memories??????

    • Azrael87

      Actually, a lot of the flashback and fantasy in this episode happened at this exact part in the original manga’s story. They stretched it out a bit though. It’s because this anime has done so much other filler that this feels like beating a dead horse. That’s the problem with the anime overdoing the flashback BS, when it’s actually supposed to be there, it feels overdone.

    • Cody Mitcham

      of course they’re gonna stretch out an important character’s death. remember when vegeta was killed by freeza he rambled on for most of the episode. problem here with Obito is like Azrael87 said they’ve did filler episodes for so long it’s like beating a dead horse.

  • Chloride2

    Kakashi gets the eye next episode and fights Kaguya.Don’t watch the next episode its like 10 minutes of fillers when kakashi talks all day with obito.I know we have to wait 2 weeks to watch the end of Kaguya and then starts the fight between Sasuke and Naruto with has like 10 minute filler each episode.Sorry to tell you but this is the truth…. and I read some comments when you say where can I watch the preview? The preview can be watch at the end of episode ….


    why is everyone mad it was good and you guys want Naruto to end so badly!? You’re not really fans and it makes me like Obito a lot more. So go fucking die HATERS

  • Madara Uchiha

    little bit to much filler there but all and all a good episode, slow episodes suck when your watching them as they come out but when you’re watch them a year from now there gonna be great

  • prajwal

    in manga obito wil give his both eyes before he dies… here he wont…

    • Naki

      Look at the end of the episode the last few seconds

  • Andrew Shi

    what i think about these memory episodes, there are just a detalied things to us, also wanna try to tell us something else besides the fight with kaguya, more meaningful things like love and help on the next generation, never give up on life and so on. Honestly, this one my favorite memory episodes that i love. So keep going Naruto Shippuden!

  • Josiah Magnusson

    Flashbacks in general is just BAD storytelling. It either assumes that its audience is full of idiots who can’t comprehend character development and relationships with characters, or shows how poorly the creators were in emphasizing a dynamic character and character relationships.
    Look ShonenJump, we aren’t fucking idiots!! We understand this shit. Stop treating us like we’re fucking babies who can’t understand what the fuck is going on. Allocate time in the story to elements that actually add more depth rather than referring to same fucking parts in the story over and fucking over again. Obito’s death was supposed to be sad, but the only feeling that you illicited from me was anger and frustration.
    TLDR; ShonenJump=the worst modern day storytellers

    • Luke


  • Stanko Aksentijevich

    fkin kishimoto man

  • Robert Farquhar

    Man these pointless fillers. What the fucking point? Way to ruin a good anime.

  • Luke

    i think most of you missed something… these are actually hype shows designed for kids, its not the writer’s fault that you get impatient watching their reruns. thats the perk of watching them on websites such as this, skip the parts you know or dont care about. these are kids shows, not shows for impatient ragers that freak out because the story didnt go the way they wanted

  • icihigo x

    This site doesnt works Fuck