Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 29 Subbed

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 29 : “”


  • Swapnil Dandekar

    Boring boring boring … All talk no fight makes this series suck compared to Naruto…fucking whole episode just to talk before fight ! What a drag… fewer fights already due to peace after war… Dragging so much … But they know Naruto fans will indeed watch 💩 just add Naruto before it..

  • Yuting

    is it me , or the episode is really short for boruto series….

  • Gospel Bungsut

    Whata garbage episode

    • mindigo

      totally agree… waited all week for .. this?


  • ThatGuy984

    This is so dumb they are putting children who haven’t even left the academy against full blown genins and chuunins…really they shouldn’t stand a chance. Also a Mizukage really cant be this weak can he? TF is wrong with him….

    • Seven deadly mothers

      Knowing the naruto series, you shouldnt be judging the strength of children, konohamaru was able to take out one of the six pains. And did you not hear what the guy said at the end, its obvious that the mizukage is fine and hes just buying time for something -_-

      • ThatGuy984

        Konohamaru was a GENIN when he defeated a pain path…these are kids are still @ the academy…and why buy time for anything if you’re strong enough to end the “kid’s fight” quickly…especially after putting such an emphasis on a time limit….at least try to think…

  • pav

    waste episode. pure BS

  • Shravan

    I have a gut feeling that next episode sasuke gonna pop outta nowhere and kick all the kids butt with both hands tied at the back…just a feel tho

    • Mute

      but sasuke only has one arm :O

      • s0

        his point exactly, sasuke could beat all the current kage, excluding naruto with both his legs and his arm tied behind his back, naruto would take a little more effort but not that much.
        (if kishimoto wouldnt nerf sasukes powers personality and skill everytime him and naruto fight)

        • Mute

          yeah i know that, hehe i just wanted to tease 😀

    • Ilija Grizer

      Sasuke have only 1 hand 😀

      • Gregory Antione Johnson Jr.

        Yes sasuke has one hand but he also have his other hand to that came from Hashirama’s cells…….Same as naruto that’s why their left hands are wrapped up.

        • Gregory Antione Johnson Jr.

          Sasuke has one real hand and a fake hand……So realistically he have 2 hands .

  • Borutos underwhelming

    i feel like episodes should be twice as long if all they’re going to do is talk for 25 minutes.

  • pikapikabih

    What a waste of an episode lmao. The guy who just kept screaming and making noises was seriously irritating to me as well. I did not wait a whole mfin week for this lame crap smh.

  • Ali Stearns

    Love Boruto show so far can’t wait till we get to the big plot arch. But I’ll wait patiently.

  • Atamanas Bagdonavicius

    1 of the most booring episodes…

  • juzima

    ‘episode ends’
    Oh fuck off

  • Deréon

    Blah blah blah…
    Waste of time…