Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 27 Subbed

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 27 : “”


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  • yup man


  • Jesse Pedraza

    Wow this is getting dark! I like it!

    • Jason Watson

      yeah, it was stated that it was supposed to get very dark. Thats why its starting slow, so they can build up to it, and get you into the characters.

  • Mysticwolf


    • badri

      yea that guy is Kisames son it would explain y he is so good at swords but why is he in the mist??and if it for the sword its with bee.the similarity is the gills opening up on his cheeks in the ending

  • Sagar Srivastava

    Wow two releases by boruto this fast ahah , wind and lightning ,. Narutos and Sasuke release 😂, and I wonder when we will see his right again.

    • Abdallah Maatouk

      ikr this kid gonna have all releases

  • Bronda Laisy

    y does boruto think he’s so cool n y did they made him cool smh….

  • Bronda Laisy

    that new intro ending looks like naruto one

  • Bronda Laisy

    how can he be yagura’s grandson n at the same time be older than boruto?
    i mean naruto had met yagura during the time where he linked with kurama,like how old was he back then???any1 care 2 explain?

    • badri

      If u recall Yagura tells naruto that he did kiss a girl and that he was the 3rd mizukage in other words he died young so in that form of a dead spirit patially in that gedo statue makes him look the same but even that form makes him look a lot younger than he is…..so thats it .The fact that yaguras grandson is that age is no suprise.And thats the only point way i found to base this

    • lethal hawkz

      Yagura is that the one Itatchi killed? I would assume that was when naruto was around 9 or 10 maybe?

      • badri

        Itachi doesnt kill him.He tells his partner that he is barely alive if u see obitos final flashback it shows him trying to control him and based on 5th mizus words he is and thus hires kisame.and he was killed by his own man Zabuza which Kakashi mentions while fighting him.Haku was also responsible.yagura though did die looking as if he was young.Deeper observations show that he was responsible for makiong the mist village the blood mist

    • Dio g mana

      Yagura is around the same age as HIruzen the 3rd hokage im guessing he had a ninjutsu similar to Tsunades transformation technique to appear younger. the five great nations were formed around the same time sense he is the 3rd mizukage it only makes sense. at least to me it does.

  • https://www.instagram.com/rdittylyfe/ SwoleSlav

    was about to complain that this was just a censored PG version of naruto, but its finally starting to vamp up and get darker. can’t wait to see what comes in the future episodes.

  • Danny Huang

    glad to see sumire in the new intro, that means she is one of the main cast XD

  • http://www.newgrounds.com Tobi Akatsuki

    This series is getting better and better every single episode

  • august

    I am loving boruto. I was crying when Naruto ended but hey, it’s the same dude Misashi kishimoto. So it’s gonna be better. Can you imagine someone to be stronger than Kaguya? 😵 And I am pretty sure mitski scares me. And Kavita is one good looking guy.

  • danyoon

    finally they getting rid of that kiddy shit and actually showing darkness

    • Bennet Jackson

      You mean Sumire?

      • Luke Linahan

        Sumire wasn’t really dark. That was the same kind of shit we had in the original series. Now him just fucking murdering that guy at the end there, that was dark

        • Bennet Jackson

          Who is ‘him’ anyway?

  • Nabingrg

    Isn’t there episode 28

  • Similinface Dozie

    I love this episode, finally we can witness a good fight and know what they all have upsleeve