Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 22 Subbed

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 22 : “”


  • Carlos Ramos

    WHATT! Sarada has to be stronger than Boruto. She just has to be. Either that or right on par without even trying.
    That was a perfect way to end that episode. I’ll be satisfied… until next week.

    • Kenan Yenen

      leave the comment section before manga readers came 🙂

  • theone

    why did her tears turn red???


    damn thats crazy now that means karin is going to be in boruto now

    • Pawan Somani Ssj

      idiot karin is not her mom simply watch next episode and you will understand

  • Sipstea

    Dang Sasuke teach me your ways homie! Got your side chick taking care of your child while you and your baby mama got a whole another life going. This explains while your never around. You out there letting Karin bite and taste all your Sharingan goodness! Ummhmm that’s why your powers were limited you just got done giving Karin all that good loving and you needed to rest ! WE KNOW THE TRUTH ! SAKURA YOU ARE NOT THE MOTHER (Jerry Springer voice )

    • just a fan

      Spoiler alert: That was Sakuras umbilical cord. She was chasing sasuke around, and karin was the midwife of her birth. She kept the umbilical cord because shes a weirdo lol

    • Lolo

      You wish

  • Royalty

    lol its Naruto all over again lets just hope Sakura doesn’t want to join the dark side to gain more power lol.

  • nanamoo1cm

    I’m a manga reader and I really I really want to spoil that, that thing is Sakura’s thing. ya know

  • Ivan

    Hello when is 23 going to arrive at this website , and thank god finally a website for anime that isn’t greedy thanks for uploading this im so glad that i found a good website for boruto and yeah is the countdown timer up in the right corner the time when the boruto 23 is going to be released ? Im just curious cuz i wanna watch right when it comes out 🙂 !

    • http://www2.dragonball-time.com/ DB Time


  • Michelle Ibay

    Did anybody else die when Naruto said, ” It’s not like we’re going to one of your favorite restaurants here, be more on guard” as Sasuke waddles LOL

  • Michelle Ibay

    AHHHHHH BB Sarada looks so much like Sasuke at 16:17

  • K&p

    WTF? 1:00 in, why hook up the clone to an ekg machine if you’re just gonna kill him

  • K&p

    lmao i love it. Sakura got cucked by Sasuke! XD Dumb bitch stay stupid lol